Claim Process

Timeline for application and claim
Your project must be completed within the 12 to 18 months qualifying period and claims must be submitted within six months after project deliverables are achieved.
Your guide to EDG claims

Preparing for claim submission

You may download the GIRO Form here.

According to Enterprise Singapore, your project report should demonstrate how the 
outcomes or deliverables have been met, and should be kept between 1-2 pages. It 
should contain:

1. Project Progress: Describe current status of project with reference to the 
deliverables in the Letter of Offer. Attach any relevant documents and collaterals. 
Submit proof of completed work from third party consultants, including findings and 

2. Capability Development: Elaborate on capability developed to date as a result of 
the project in terms of new processes/technology adopted, expertise acquired, and 
HR training undergone.

Your qualified consultant should be able to support you in this aspect.

Claim submission

You may use the checklist as a guide.

An appointed auditor can be chosen from this list:
Prequalified panel of auditors for Enterprise Singapore 

Upon completion of the above steps, submit the claims application. Record the claims application code for future reference. 

Verification of claims and disbursement of grant

After verification of project deliverables and expenses, the approved claim amount will be disbursed within six to eight weeks via GIRO to your bank account.

You will be informed via email when the grant has gone through, and a confirmation will be sent by DBS to the email address stated in the GIRO form.

Your guide to EDG claims

Note: AKIN does not represent Enterprise Singapore or the Enterprise Development Grant (EDG). The approval and reimbursement of the grant lie within the sole discretion of Enterprise Singapore. For a more comprehensive read about the EDG, please visit the Enterprise Singapore website or visit your local SME Centre.