Application Process

Timeline for application and claims
Your project will be approved or rejected within eight to twelve weeks from application submission.

The qualifying period for each local project is within 18 months upon successful application. Overseas projects must be finished within 12 months.
Your guide to EDG application


First, check if you’re eligible here and choose a qualified consultant to help you identify your key business growth needs and propose impactful solutions and the best way to angle your proposal.
You will also need to provide projected figures in areas such as company revenue, net operating profit, and workers outcomes from the implementation of the project. 
You will be guided as you apply for the grant online.


From our experience, focusing on the clarity of your proposal is important and will aid you in your application process.

When you have what you need, log in to Business Grants Portal with your CorpPass. Your consultant will be able to guide you through the application.

A Letter of Offer (LOF) indicating the conditions of support and the amount of grant awarded will be sent to your company once your application is approved. You will have to accept the LOF within the timeline indicated to be considered for the EDG.

Commence the project

Congratulations on the approval of your application! You can start the project with the help of your certified consultant.

Your guide to EDG application

Note: AKIN does not represent Enterprise Singapore or the Enterprise Development Grant (EDG). The approval and reimbursement of the grant lie within the sole discretion of Enterprise Singapore. For a more comprehensive read about the EDG, please visit the Enterprise Singapore website or visit your local SME Centre.