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Frequent comments from AKIN’s clients about the information search process for EDG include the fact that it is messy and confusing. With our knowledge and experience from administering EDG, we identified common bumps in the process and sought to create digestible guiding content for local SMEs and grant-seekers.

About AKÏN

We design future-proof, human-centric marketing for the restless digital generation. Our EDG expertise lies in the area of strategic brand and marketing development. Check us out here.
We can help you get up to 90% of funding for consultancy and strategy development.
In 2019, we enabled 10 clients to generate more than S$8 million dollars in revenue.
We are a home-grown SME with 18 Singaporeans with varying skill sets.
If you still have questions regarding EDG, refer to our FAQ page or fill up the form below. We’ll be happy to use our experience to advise you on your next steps.